California Casualty Insurance

1st Community Insurance, a leader in providing California casualty insurance for business statewide, has the professionals with the necessary knowledge of California state insurance requirements, to properly analyze your company’s casualty requirements, secure quotes from multiple insurance sources and provide you with affordable casualty coverage. We can respond with same day coverage to meet your schedule requirements as necessary.

In California, casualty insurance, is used to describe an area of insurance not directly concerned with life insurance, health insurance, or property insurance. Strictly defining casualty insurance has become problematic in recent years with the rising popularity of multi-line insurance policies. It is mainly used to describe the liability coverage of an organization’s for negligent acts or omissions. However, the “elastic” term has also been used to describe property insurance for aviation insurance, boiler and machinery insurance, and glass and crime insurance. It may include marine insurance for shipwrecks or losses at sea or fidelity and surety insurance. It may also include earthquake, political risk insurance, terrorism insurance, fidelity and surety bonds.

One of the most common kinds of casualty insurance today is automobile insurance. In its most basic form, automobile insurance provides liability coverage in the event that a driver is found “at fault” in an accident. This can cover medical expenses of individuals involved in the accident as well as restitution or repair of damaged property, all of which would fall into the realm of casualty insurance coverage.

Because of the flexibility of the term “casualty insurance,” it is always advisable to consult with a qualified California agent or broker to ensure you acquire the correct coverage for your exact business situation. When you talk to one of the commercial specialists at 1st Community Insurance, we’ll make sure we understand the unique issues your business may encounter and provide the right coverage at a rate you can afford.

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