Californians Have A Misconception About Car Theft Rates

You can’t escape seeing crime on the news and how it is related to the community you live in. Yet sometimes your perceptions may not align to the reality of the crime situation in your neighborhood. This is the growing problem happening in California as many people believe the car theft rate has increased when in actuality it has decreased by up to 35% since 2003.

Surprising statistics have shown that 3 out of 4 Californians believe that car theft rates have either increased or stayed the same in the past ten years. Statistics have also shown that women and older adults were more inclined to believe that car thefts have increased opposed to men or younger people.

Places such as Yuba county and Tuolumne county has shown the greatest discrepancy when it comes to the actual crime rate of car thefts and what people believe the car theft rate is. Close to 66% of people believe car thefts have increased in theses counties when in reality there was a 69% reduction of car thefts in Tuolumne and a 54% reduction of car thefts in Yuba.

While it is fine to watch the news and listen to the happenings in your area, always keep in mind that the crime rate may not be as bad as you believe.

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