Event Liability and Your Holiday Parties

The holiday seasons are always a great excuse for a gathering, but those parties can throw a wrench in your life if something unexpected happensĀ during the event. Even if you only invite family and friends, you may be liable for any problems that occur. You need to double check your homeowners insurance to determine if you have proper coverage before sending out the invitations.

You Are Responsible

As the host of an event, you can be held liable for accidents or fights that take place at the party. However, you may also be sued if a guest that drinks at the function gets into an accident on the way home, or alcohol is served to a minor.

Investing in event liability insurance from 1st Community Insurance is recommended, even if your homeowner’s insurance already covers parties these limits might not be adquate enough. Don’t let a lawsuit take away your financial security or your home when a little insurance now can prevent problems later.

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