Holiday Preparedness: Winter Travel Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

Many people long to see family and friends during the holidays, sending many people on the road or in the air. According to the American Automobile Association, nearly 44 million people travel during the Thanksgiving holiday and even more as the year moves to an end. Avoid congested roadways and crowded airline flights by being prepared.

Plan Ahead: Never wait until the last minute to plan your trip. Planning ahead allows you to find better deals and discounts on hotel reservations and plane tickets. It will also reduce the stress of holiday traveling, allowing the season’s festivities to run smoothly.

Travel Light: During the holiday season, you’ll most likely leave your loved one’s home with more than you came with. Avoid overfilling your vehicle and paying additional luggage fees at the airport by limiting how much you bring.

Drive Smart: Monitor the forecasts along your route before leaving home. If bad weather is predicted to hit, avoid driving in the area until it’s deemed safe. Also keep beverages and snacks in your vehicle to keep your energy up as you’re traveling.

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