Identity Theft: Watch For Old Tricks

These days, identity thieves will try just about anything to get to you and your money. But if you do not know the old tricks, you can still become a victim. Follow these basic tips to protect your identity and keep your business transactions safe.

Though most criminals prefer to get access to many credit card numbers by hacking into a corporation’s computer system, they can still get yours the old-fashioned way. Keep an eye on your wallet or purse, and do not throw out old credit card bills without shredding them first. Monitor your mail to make sure that someone is not pilfering your credit card statements. Or better yet, switch to paper-free billing. Check your credit report regularly, and report any suspicious transactions. Finally, avoid giving out your Social Security number unless it is absolutely necessary. Very few businesses need that level of information from you, so if you are asked for such sensitive identifiers, ask why.

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