Palm Springs Insurance

“Would you shop at a store that only gave you one selection of each item?

Shouldn’t your Insurance agency offer the coverage that best fits you, instead of making you fit into their policies? That is the difference an independent agency can offer, Choice. 1st Community Insurance Services, as an independent agency, has access to a diverse selection of highly rated underwriters. We can shop the market to find the best coverage at a fair price that fits your coverage needs.”

Ernie Santora, President

For your Palm Springs insurance let one of our professional agents represent you in the search for the best policies to provide your needed coverage that fits your budget. You need insurance in Palm Springs for your individual life style, and we understand your coverage must fit within your budget.

Whether you are purchasing Palm Springs insurance individually, for your family, or for your business, we at 1st Community Insurance have you covered. We work with you to identify what coverage is optimum for your situation. We then poll our wide selection of underwriters to obtain multiple quotes for your final selection. We don’t rest until you have the exact proper coverage for you, your family and/or your business at rates you cam afford. We understand … we work for you … you pay our salaries … you get our best efforts … today and tomorrow.

If you are seeking insurance in Palm Springs, in other California communities, or even another area of the U.S., we are dedicated to providing the right insurance for your unique situation. Since 1999 1st Community has worked diligently to develop a complete product line of both commercial and personal policies from multiple carriers. As a result, we confidently compete with any provider on both quality and cost of any coverage you require.

Your search for the best provider ends here. Call 1st Community Insurance and speak with your professional agent who is committed to earning both your present and continuing insurance business.

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