New California Law Closes Texting Loophole for Teens in 2014

The year 2014 brings hundreds of new laws to the state of California. The laws involve aspects of the economy, labor, the environment, traffic and more.

In October of 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 194, prohibiting drivers under the age of 18 to engage in any form of texting. This includes voice-activated hands free devices such as Siri. Activists are responsible for pushing the law. They were not happy with the fact that 2012 safe driving laws allowed hands-free devices as a loop hole to the no texting law.

AAA supports the new law. Spokesman Cynthia Harris stated, “We have to realize that even though  a device that is on our dashboard or that is somehow not in our hands is not going to be a distraction.” Supporters say that voice-activated apps are both visually and cognitively distracting.

It has been proven that teen drivers are especially vulnerable to distracted driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission reported that 12 percent of fatal crashes in 2011 involved teen drivers.

While there are certainly other driving distractions from putting on makeup to driving with pets, any form of texting and cell phone use is considered to be the number one distracter. Injury and death from distracted drivers can bring on a hefty law suit.

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