Will My Age or Gender Make a Difference in My Auto Insurance Costs?

Most drivers take to the road at a relatively young age. If it’s not at sixteen, often it’s not long afterward. When it comes to obtaining auto insurance this can bring a bit of sticker shock when it comes time to sign up for auto insurance, especially if that driver is male.

The gender bias seems unfair at first glance, according to DMV.org, statistics prove that males between 16 – 25 drive more than females of the same age and are more likely to take risks while behind the wheel. As these people get older driving risk is assessed more evenly, and auto insurance rates for both genders balance out, 

But gender and age are far from the only factors under consideration when calculating an auto insurance rate. Having a safe driving record, a job, good grades, and being respected in the community are all things that can offset those statistics and suggest that a particular driver — male or female, young or old is an exception to the rule and deserves to be looked at a little differently.  Marital status can also make a difference, but it all depends on the insurance provider. Different companies look at the rules a bit differently, and have different conditions where they will make exceptions.

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